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A donation from every personalised footprint clothing will be shared between the following charities.

Donation Amount:
Hoodies - £6
Sweaters - £4.50
T-Shirts - £3
Kids items - £2

Worcestershire Maternity Bereavement Suite

Before having Effie, I didn't know bereavement suites existed, I certainly never thought that after having my baby I would be staying in one. No one should ever have to stay in one.
However, we are so grateful that there was one at the hospital where Effie was born. This allowed myself and Effie's daddy to spend time with her. We stayed with Effie for 3 nights and 4 days.

The room was completely private and away from the rest of the maternity ward. Our families were allowed to come in and meet Effie and we all have the most precious memories. It didn't feel like a hospital room, it had its own kitchen area and access to the memorial garden, it really felt like home for the time we were there.

There are two rooms in the Worcestershire Maternity Bereavement Suite, which sadly get used regularly. Both rooms have been built from donations and charity fundraising. The next project is to revamp the memorial garden. Even though Effie was born in December, so the weather wasn't the nicest, we still managed to spend time outside in the fresh air with her.

Donations from Love Effie and Friends will go towards the continuous running and improvement of these facilities, to help future families begin their grieving process after losing their babies.

Aching Arms

When we received our Aching Arms bear from the hospital, we knew it wasn’t ‘just a bear’. We quickly realised we were not on our own. This bear had been donated by the family of a little girl just like Effie. It brought us comfort knowing that we were going to look after this bear for her family.


“Each bear is a comforter to hold, lets parents know they are not alone and directs parents to support agencies who can help in the devastating days, weeks, months and year after a baby loss.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of pregnancy and baby loss and bring some comfort to bereaved parents and their families after the loss of a baby.” - Aching Arms

Donations from Love Effie and Friends will go towards providing bears to hospitals, supporting bereaved families and providing midwives with bereavement training.

For more information about Aching Arms please visit:


Heart in their Hand

Heart in their Hand is a project that means so much to us. Having received two keyrings in our memory box and purchasing more for our family and knowing Effie has always got our hearts with her brings us such great comfort. 

"The Heart in their Hand project is a pay it forward project for bereaved parents to help other bereaved parents by offering a gift of love at such a devastating time and works beautifully alongside precious memory boxes. The keepsake heart can be placed in the baby’s hand or blanket when saying goodbye and the keyring is taken home as a beautiful reminder of the connection shared.” - Heart in their Hand


Donations from sales at Love Effie and Friends will enable more of these amazing keyrings to be sent to hospitals to bring comfort to more families.

To find out more information about Heart in their Hand please visit: